KU Wins

KU 101 – Ft. Hayes State 52

Another sold out exhibition game



  The first testicular guard, the
“Cup,” was used in Hockey in 1874 and the first helmet was used in
1974. That means it only took 100 years for men to realize that their brain is
also important.

College Basketball Has Started!

Just as I am going into serious withdrawal over no baseball (Go Royals!), KU has played its first exhibition game with the second one coming tomorrow night.  I don’t know many of the guys on this year’s team, but by the time their college careers are over, I will feel as if I have raised them.

KU 84 – Pittsburg State 55

     Still waiting to hear if anyone has a Kindle fire that can tell me about it.  Guess it will be after Christmas before I can get myself one.  So mad at the movers who stole my money!  Oh, well, it’s nice to have a wish list.  This is mine as of today:


    Mint (to clean hardwood floors)

     Red KU sweatshirt

     Bigger shower

     Riding lawnmower

     Storm door for back door

     New watch

     Tickets to a Royals game

     World peace


Live your life every day as you would climb a mountain.

An occasional glance toward the peak keeps the goal in mind.

Anyone need a bookmark?

Leave me your name and address.

So What Gives

The oncologist last week told me that I had one-tenth the leukemia cells I had 6 months ago.  So why am I sicker now than I have been in years?  Seems like I’m spending most of my days squirting and spewing.  The good news?  If my counts stay this good he may reduce my chemo dosage.  Does that mean less vomiting and liquid poop?  Always something to look forward to.



Cherish yesterday.

Dream tomorrow.

Live today.

Kudos to Come-Back Cards

It would have been nice if Texas could have won their first world series.  But no one can deny that the road to championship for the St. Louis Cardinals was paved with the stuff of legends.  I need to remember that I am a Missouri resident now and if I cannot root for the Royals, I have another “home team” that deserves my adulation.



He that climbs the tall tree has won right to the fruit.

Sir Walter Scott

Moving is a B*%&#!

Half a year to find, buy and move into a house. Whew!  Was it smart to buy a house with a 30-year mortgage when one has a terminal diagnosis?  Well, I didn’t die when I was supposed to, so what the hey?

The only advice I have at this point is don’t hire Easy Moves!  They lost the box that had my good pots and pans in it, an envelope full of cash I had been saving for a new computer went missing and they left something in every room of the old house.  Also, they refused to set up my home theatre after moving it. even though they said they would during the hiring interview.  Moral: Get it in writing!



Usually life’s greatest gifts come wrapped in adversity.

 Richard Paul Evans


Onward and Upward

     KU won their sweet sixteen game with Richmond.  On to the ELITE EIGHT.  Rock chalk Jayhawks!


Life is a succession of moments.

To live each one is to succeed.

Change Is Hard

     I got my first transistor radio for my 12th birthday.  It had earpbuds and even FM!  Up to that time I listened to the AM station WHB (which everyone knew meant We Have Beatles) but with FM access I discovered KUDL (pronounced cuddle by all teenyboppers in the KC area).

     I have listened to KUDL in all its permutations since that time — not exclusively, sometimes a person is in the mood for something different.  But if anyone asked me what my favorite radio station was at different stages of my life, chances are I would have said KUDL.  Most recently it has been the station for soft rock in the Kansas City area.  Since it lost its long-time morning DJ it has struggled to find the right lineup of personalities, but you could count on the music being what you grew up with and what suited you today.

     As of next Monday KUDL will cease to exist.  The powers that be are directing KUDL listeners to something called The Point.  I have turned my dial from 98.1 to 99.7 and horrors! — the music is not the same.  The programming seems to be more for Gen Xers.  I may or may not be able to get used to it.  But why should I have to?  Is no one interested in programming for people my age anymore?  Just another sign I’ve become old and useless, I guess.

     So, does anyone know of a radio station in the Kansas City area that plays soft rock like KUDL?  I know where I can go for a steady diet of oldies, but believe it or not, I like something “new” now and again.


Life can change on a dime

 though I wouldn’t give a nickel for most changes I’ve experienced.

 Richard Paul Evans

Would you tuck me in, please?


We are not held back by the love we didn’t receive in the past, but by the love we’re not extending in the present.


Well, Ain’t That a Kick in the Bu…Head

     Since I started taking a daily chemotherapy drug I have been unable to work.  I am sick a part of every day, thanks to the side effects.  I shouldn’t complain — it’s keeping me alive after all (I am now 15 months past my previously expected expiration date).  But I do miss work.  At least I miss feeling productive and don’t feel I am contributing enough to justify my continued existence.  You all have heard this rant before if you have read previous postings, but it’s all part of why I do the little work I do.

     For the past several years I have worked three or four days each year — during elections.  I can do this by not taking my meds for a couple of days.  Last year I got lucky and was selected to work during the advanced elections.  That meant I got to work 10 days for two elections and I was so happy to have the extra money for Christmas shopping and needed car repairs. 

     Well, working those extra days turned out to be not such a blessing.  I just had my taxes figured and because of the extra income I was so happy about, I ended up earning too much.  Now my Social Security benefits have become taxable.  So for the $1000 I earned by working the extra days, I owe about that much in taxes.  It just doesn’t seem fair.

     Well, on the bright side — KU did advance to the Sweet Sixteen.  Go Hawks!


We make our fortunes and we call them fate.

David Alroy

Keeping fingers crossed

     KU survived their first round — and against a “B” team.  First half was a little scary and lead at half time was only 4 points over Boston University, but they pulled away in the second half and won by nineteen.  Wish ’em luck Sunday when they play Illinois.

     Just read they found radiation in food close to crippled reactors in Japan and that there has been a run on radiation detectors here in the states.  Anyone scared?  Remember the China syndrome?  Is our government lying to us, trying to keep us from panicking?  Any scientists out there willing to share the real scoop?  Love to hear from you.


It is the province of knowledge to speak

and it is the privilege of wisdom to listen.

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