I upgraded to Windows 7 last week and as a result I have had only intermittent internet access.  I would apologize to my many readers for the disruption in postings, but since I have no readers (yet) I guess an apology is unnecessary.

     Lots of things on my mind today.  Been house hunting lately.  Just seemed like the prudent thing to do.  With what we have been paying for rent we may as well pay ourselves a little in equity.  Looking forward to baseball season with the usual frustration of a Royals fan in seeing our best players being sold off.  As I write this KU is playing Texas for the Big XII tournament championship. 

     So, a lot going on.  It’s a good thing to have many distractions.  I can remember when I was just sitting around waiting to die.  So much better to be too busy to dwell on it.


There is no wealth but life.

John Ruskin 


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