Tourney Time

     Anyone watching the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament?  Were there more buzzer beaters today than ever before?  Are your brackets already broken?  Glad I’m not in a pool this year.  My team starts play tomorrow — KU.  Hey, I’m an alumnus, I’m entitled to a little breast beating.

     Wish I could get as excited about baseball.  I wish Royals fans could pull a Green Bay and buy the team for the city.  I thought about going door-to-door and seeing if I could collect a dollar or two from everyone in the metro area, but then I thought everyone would just think I’m a crank.  Anyone got any ideas on how we could accomplish a fan takeover?  I want a team the whole city can identify with.  I want players who will stick around a while.  Let’s face it — I want George Brett and Frank White back.  Do you remember Amos Otis and Freddie Patek?  Who played shortstop and center field for us last year?


If you watch a game, it’s fun.

If you play a game, it’s recreation.

If you work at it, it’s golf.

Bob Hope


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