Well, Ain’t That a Kick in the Bu…Head

     Since I started taking a daily chemotherapy drug I have been unable to work.  I am sick a part of every day, thanks to the side effects.  I shouldn’t complain — it’s keeping me alive after all (I am now 15 months past my previously expected expiration date).  But I do miss work.  At least I miss feeling productive and don’t feel I am contributing enough to justify my continued existence.  You all have heard this rant before if you have read previous postings, but it’s all part of why I do the little work I do.

     For the past several years I have worked three or four days each year — during elections.  I can do this by not taking my meds for a couple of days.  Last year I got lucky and was selected to work during the advanced elections.  That meant I got to work 10 days for two elections and I was so happy to have the extra money for Christmas shopping and needed car repairs. 

     Well, working those extra days turned out to be not such a blessing.  I just had my taxes figured and because of the extra income I was so happy about, I ended up earning too much.  Now my Social Security benefits have become taxable.  So for the $1000 I earned by working the extra days, I owe about that much in taxes.  It just doesn’t seem fair.

     Well, on the bright side — KU did advance to the Sweet Sixteen.  Go Hawks!


We make our fortunes and we call them fate.

David Alroy


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