Change Is Hard

     I got my first transistor radio for my 12th birthday.  It had earpbuds and even FM!  Up to that time I listened to the AM station WHB (which everyone knew meant We Have Beatles) but with FM access I discovered KUDL (pronounced cuddle by all teenyboppers in the KC area).

     I have listened to KUDL in all its permutations since that time — not exclusively, sometimes a person is in the mood for something different.  But if anyone asked me what my favorite radio station was at different stages of my life, chances are I would have said KUDL.  Most recently it has been the station for soft rock in the Kansas City area.  Since it lost its long-time morning DJ it has struggled to find the right lineup of personalities, but you could count on the music being what you grew up with and what suited you today.

     As of next Monday KUDL will cease to exist.  The powers that be are directing KUDL listeners to something called The Point.  I have turned my dial from 98.1 to 99.7 and horrors! — the music is not the same.  The programming seems to be more for Gen Xers.  I may or may not be able to get used to it.  But why should I have to?  Is no one interested in programming for people my age anymore?  Just another sign I’ve become old and useless, I guess.

     So, does anyone know of a radio station in the Kansas City area that plays soft rock like KUDL?  I know where I can go for a steady diet of oldies, but believe it or not, I like something “new” now and again.


Life can change on a dime

 though I wouldn’t give a nickel for most changes I’ve experienced.

 Richard Paul Evans


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