College Basketball Has Started!

Just as I am going into serious withdrawal over no baseball (Go Royals!), KU has played its first exhibition game with the second one coming tomorrow night.  I don’t know many of the guys on this year’s team, but by the time their college careers are over, I will feel as if I have raised them.

KU 84 – Pittsburg State 55

     Still waiting to hear if anyone has a Kindle fire that can tell me about it.  Guess it will be after Christmas before I can get myself one.  So mad at the movers who stole my money!  Oh, well, it’s nice to have a wish list.  This is mine as of today:


    Mint (to clean hardwood floors)

     Red KU sweatshirt

     Bigger shower

     Riding lawnmower

     Storm door for back door

     New watch

     Tickets to a Royals game

     World peace


Live your life every day as you would climb a mountain.

An occasional glance toward the peak keeps the goal in mind.

Anyone need a bookmark?

Leave me your name and address.


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